About us

Our paid subscription site is a site for bloggers, famous personalities and just people, Internet users, social networks, serves to post their content here and so that subscribers-fans subscribe to their bloggers.
Here on our site you can post your interesting content - photos, videos, articles and share them with your subscribers.
The blogger himself sets the price for his subscription, which operates as a subscription fee per month. There is also a blogger reward system - the so-called tip that the subscriber can transfer to the blogger. What is the advantage of our site is that, on the one hand, it gives the blogger the opportunity to earn extra money, and on the other hand, it gives a wider choice of content for the subscriber, to select the best and most exclusive content.
Here the subscriber himself can become a kind of blogger by posting his personal content - photos, articles and videos, and other users, including bloggers, can also subscribe to it. In other words, our site provides ample opportunities, how to earn money for creative people already known and not at all known.
We, the management of the site, from our side guarantee the privacy of each user, be it a blogger or a simple subscriber. The site management reserves the right to impose sanctions, to ban for a time or for always one or another blogger or subscriber who does not follow the rules of conduct on the site. However, we will try to comply with the requirements and criteria of modern laws and look for ways to resolve conflict situations.